Các mẫu bài tập chọn đáp án đúng (Phần 1)

Many employees seem more ….. now about how to use the new telephone system than they did before they attended the workshop.

Chọn đáp án A, B, C hay D

1. Everyone should have periodic eye examinations to make sure any problems are quickly…..
A. Produced
B. Responded
C. Discoverded
D. Prepared

2. The firm ….. Mr Morrison as its accountant after it was learned that he had not been mishandling funds.
A. Reinstated
B. Distraced
C. Determined
D. Reprimanded

3. Please ….. your face with a mask when using welding materials.
A. Protection
B. Protect
C. Protecting
D. Protective

4. Mr. John has asked me to send his ….. regards to you and your staff.
A. Warm
B. Firm
C. Close
D. Good

5. He has ….. a great deal of time on this project.
A. Passed
B. Spent
C. Cost
D. Paid

6. Because the euipment is very delicate, it must be handled with…..
A. Caring
B. Careful
C. Care
D. Carefully

7. Battery-operated reading lamps ….. very well right now.
A. Sale
B. Sold
C. Are selling
D. Were sold

8. In order to place a call outside the office, you have to ….. nine first.
A. Tip
B. Make
C. Dial
D. Number

9. We are pleased to inform ….. hat the missing order has been found.
A. You
B. Your
C. Yours
D. Yourself

10. Unfortunately, neither Mr. Sachs ….. Ms. Flynn will be able to attend the awards banquet this evening.
A. But
B. And
C. Nor
D. Either

11. According to the manufacturer, the new generator is capable of ….. the amount of power consumed by our facility by nearly ten percent.
A. Reduced
B. Reducing
C. Reduce
D. Reduces

12. After the main course, choose from our wide ….. of homemade deserts.
A. Varied
B. Various
C. Vary
D. Variety

13. One of the most frequent complaints among airline passengers is that there is not ….. legroom.
A. Enough
B. Many
C. Very
D. Plenty

14. Faculty members are planning to ….. a party in honor of Dr. Walker, who will retire at the end of the semester.
A. Carry
B. Do
C. Hold
D. Take

15. Many employees seem more ….. now about how to use the new telephone system than they did before they attended the workshop.
A. Confusion
B. Confuse
C. Confused
D. Confusing

16. ….. our production figures improve in the near future, we foresee having to hire more people between now and July.
A. During
B. Only
C. Unless
D. Because

17. The prime minister is expected to arrive at the convention hall at ….. 7:00 p.m
A. Approximated
B. Approximates
C. Approximate
D. Approximately

18. Responses to the proposed work schedule changes are ….. outstanding from several departments.
A. Until
B. Yet
C. Still
D. Since

19. As the filming allocation has not yet been ….., the release date as been postponed.
A. Detained
B. Determined
C. Delayed
D. Deleted

20. Extreme ….. should be used when the forklift truck is being operated.
A. Caution
B. Cautioned
C. Cautiously
D. Cautious

Đáp án

1. C
2. A
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. C
7. C
8. C
9. A
10. C
11. B
12. D
13. A
14. C
15. C
16. D
17. D
18. C
19. B
20. A

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